Here we go with the technical jargon I hear you say. I’ll try not to.

A WAF or Web Application Firewall is the technology behind YouCloudIT’s web protection service – WebSafe. Essentially keeping guard over visitors to your website. Think of it as a security guard checking the guests coming to take a look around.

As a security guard, ours has a clear list of those that can be let through without any hindrance. However, as with any good security guard, ours is also good looking out for those that look a little suspicious and will refuse entry – even those that just pass by and try to take a peek in.

You may be surprised to know that 43% of cyber-attacks target small business and that in 2016 more than 3 billion customer records were breached.

What does this mean?

Each day our web protection service keeps guard over the content on your website. It does this 24x7x365 with no resting in-between. Every web browser visit is checked to ensure they mean to do no harm and will then get passed through to your website. Your website traffic in and out passes through to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Understanding what suspicious activity gives our platform the ability to understand whether a visitor is attempted to do something they shouldn’t – even if that “something” is not known. This is useful as your own web applications could allow things to happen that you don’t necessarily want them to do. It also helps protect against well-known methods people use to gain access to your information. This happens without any interruptions to the people you want looking at your site. This is great if you fall into one of the following camps;

  • You don’t necessarily update the software on your website
  • You don’t want to risk updating software in case it causes issues
  • Use applications that are known to have challenges
  • Completely unaware that this happens

WordPress, for example, is a popular platform for websites. Some interesting stats based on a survey run by EnableSecurity found that 42,106 of websites found in Alexa’s top 1 million websites were running WordPress;

  • 74 different versions of WordPress were identified
  • 1.8% of these websites were running extremely old versions of the software
  • Only 18.55% had upgraded to the latest version
  • 73% of sites were vulnerable to some form of exploit

If you are running old versions of WordPress, you should certainly consider doing something.

Again, at YouCloudIT we take the complexity out of the technology as there is no maintenance, ongoing configuration or adjustments that you need to make. You’ll receive a report each month telling you what it has been up to so that you can stay informed. All of this is available to you for £24.99 a month per URL.


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A day in the life of a WAF

by Dean Baldwin time to read: 3 min