Welcome to YouCloud Solutions' CyberRisk Score

The CyberRisk Score is a tool that will help you to understand where you are against the Cyber Essentials. Think of it as a credit score for your data security.

Your Site Score

CyberView will help you to quickly obtain your site score against the Government’s Cyber Essentials. It covers four key areas; Antivirus, Patching, User and Wireless Security. Once you have your score you can then compare it against the average of YouCloud Solutions’ customers.

Analyse your score

CyberView provides an easy way to understand your hot spots against the Cyber Essentials.

Take action, improve your score

CyberView helps you quickly figure out what actions you can take to improve your score. CyberGuard and CyberAssure can help keep you safe. Make the changes, see your score improve.

Average CyberRisk Score

This chart shows the average score across YouCloud Solutions’ Cyber Security subscribers. See how you compare against the rest.

Average Site Score over time

This is how our customers have been performing over the course of the year. Improving your score not only keeps you safe but also helps drive an overall improvement.

Simple steps you can take to protect you and your business


Backing up your data

  • Identify what needs to be backed up
  • Ensure the device content your backup is not permanently connected
  • Consider backing up to the cloud

Preventing malware damage

  • Use antivirus software on all computers and laptops
  • Patch all software and firmware
  • Control access to removable media
  • Switch on your firewall

Using passwords to protect your data

  • Use two/multi factor authentication (2FA/MFA) where possible
  • Avoid using predictable passwords
  • Change the manufacturers default passwords
  • Consider using a password manager

Protecting your wireless network

  • Change the manufacturer’s default passwords and SSIDs
  • Avoid using predictable passwords
  • Use strong encryption methods on your wireless (WPA2)

Avoid phishing attacks

  • Use antivirus software to help protect you
  • Regularly scan for malware
  • Check for the obvious signs of phishing, like poor spelling and grammar