Cloud Backup for all devices from £8

YouCloudIT provides an all-inclusive computer, server and device backup solution to protect more than 20 platforms with built in anti-ransomware technology.

Protect your data and business against data loss.

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Key Features

Multiple Platform Support

  • Windows Servers and Workstations
  • Linux Servers
  • Mac OSX
  • Mobile devices

Multiple Backup Types

  • Whole computer backup
  • Disks/Volumes
  • Files or folders


  • Backups automatically protected
  • Backup client halt ransomware

Customisable Scheduling

  • Schedule and frequency
  • Monthly, daily and hourly
  • On-demand backup also supported

Recovery of ransomed files

If ransomware begins to encrypt files, WebSafe quickly detects and halts this process. Because WebSsafe is a backup solution, any data that was exposed and encrypted before the process was halted can be recovered from a variety of backup sources. Not only can’t alternative anti-ransomware solutions commonly end an attack once it has started, they have no way to recover any files encrypted by the attack. WebSafe’s Active Protection detects and deflects attacks, and restores files of any size!

Purchase storage not licenses

Our backup solution does not require you to license per device. Simply purchase an amount of storage and install the backup client on whatever supported device you would like to backup.

Storage OptionPrice
DataSafe Company Backup - 100GB£8
DataSafe Company Backup - 250GB£21
DataSafe Company Backup - 500GB£36
DataSafe Company Backup - 1TB£70
DataSafe Company Backup - 2TB£138
DataSafe Company Backup - 5TB£340
DataSafe Company Backup - 10TB£650

Are You Protecting Your Data and Devices?

With DataSafe Comany Backup, your cloud-based backup is just a few clicks away