Let me just say this first. Here at YouCloudIT we believe that everybody can make use of Office365 and the cloud. The chances are that you are already using it in your day to day life on your smartphone, TV or some form of assistant. Think about the last time you actually went down to a shop to rent a movie…

The cloud allows us to do pretty much anything we want. Our imagination is, sometimes, the thing that limits us and not the technology.

Creating a workplace of the future is not something that is limited to the big boys in Enterprise. With some very simple steps you can soon be working from your favourite coffee house (I know we do), sat on a train or having meetings with colleagues over video conferencing. All of this possible from the devices you have today.

Here at YouCloudIT, we not only help you make use of the technologies available, but we also breathe it in our every day working lives. We have adopted a number of principles to stick to, some of which are;

  • Work only on one version of a given document
  • Reduce the number of files we actually send out
  • Everything we work with must be available to us on any of our devices
  • The ability to work from the local coffee house

These are very simple principles but, together, give us a really great environment to work in. We can all participate at the same time on documents, spreadsheets and slides – wherever we are. As fun as it was (!) to send variations of documents around to each other, we believe there are better ways of working.

In our various career choices, I cannot tell you how many weeks/days/hours of our lives have been spent in meetings that were simply either not productive or the output couldn’t justify the travel time. Again, there are better ways of achieving this. Some stats I recently read said;

  • 27 days of our life waiting on platforms for trains or queuing at bus stops
  • 38 hours per year sat in traffic
  • 4 years of our life talking on the phone at work
  • Over 10 years of our lives are spent working (between the age of 20 – 65 with a 40 hour work week)
  • 2 years spent in meetings

So, we thought of a world where we didn’t need to necessarily travel to see each other. Documents became easy and, dare I say it, fun to work on. Meetings become quick without the need to sit in on or in a plane/train or automobile. We are more productive, don’t get affected by the UK’s challenge with the weather and can still chat with each other over conferencing if needed. And, don’t forget, we also get to enjoy a coffee or two at our local coffee house.

Office365 is used as the core platform of choice to provide this and deployed a number of components to help create an environment that we can use whether that’s on our mobile, laptop or web browser at a terminal in an airport. Our devices come in various flavours but that doesn’t matter to us.

The landscape is changing on how we work and how our potential recruits or existing staff want to work. The pace has changed and it’s time to start embracing this.

If the above is something you are considering or have started the journey but not really sure if you’re going in the right direction, please do get in touch and we’ll help you on that journey.

For those interested, we deployed:

  • Office 365 Enterprise E3
    Provides our Office suite, Mailboxes, Sharepoint and other collaboration tools
  • Enterprise Mobility and Security E3
    Delivers our mobility and security policies

In the meantime, I am going to go back to my coffee before it gets cold.

Head in the clouds

by Dean Baldwin time to read: 4 min