Day 10

Can you guess my pa55w0rd?

Passwords are something we need to use in our every-day life. How do you come up with yours?

Chewie has been struggling over the last few months to come up with something and he is constantly getting asked to change his. He’s come up with something new, easy to remember and he thinks is a little more complex.

The challenge is that what we may think is complex is actually really easy for computer applications to crack. Not good for Chewie as a recent data breach on one of his favourite websites has resulted in his username and encrypted password is in the wild. R3d M157 has got his hands on this and is currently running some freely available tools on the data.

It won’t be long before Chewie’s details are compromised. The question is, how many sites has he logged into using the same password..?


Strong passwords don't need to be complex

Some will suggest that passwords must be complex but this is simply not the case – what we see as complicated can be simple for computers to guess


Multi Factor Authentication where you can

MFA is always a bonus as this requires an additional layer of security that an attacker is not likely to have access to


Use different passwords on different sites

It’s good practice not to use the same password on different websites


Protect your mailbox

You should always do as much as possible to protect your mailbox as this is normally the thing (outside of banking) that you want to protect most

Remember, that you should also only use reputable sites as this image sums it up.