Day 12

You do not have to say anything

Today is the last installment of our naughty Elf’s 12 days. Over the last 12 days he has been up to no good:

  • maliciously deleting data
  • using ransomware as a service
  • stealing data via malware on USB flash drives
  • using distributed denial of service attacks on websites
  • cracking passwords and taking over identities

All in all he has been getting up to no good.

Thankfully for us, the Police had started to track our Elf down and eventually the long arm of the law came knocking. For the next few years he will be spending them behind bars.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the last few days and that it has opened your eyes to how easy it is to cause mayhem.

It is a common misconecption that things like these open happen to big business. This is not the case and attacks on SMEs are on the rise.

What would your business do if any of the above incidents happened to you?

Here at YouCloudIT we have a range of solutions available to help keep you safe. Simply get in touch to see how we can help protect you.