Day 5

What is the data worth?

With rasomware as a service deployed and the emails delivered, it wouldn’t be long before our next victim falls foul of R3d M157. With companies being hit with ransomware every 40 seconds and 71% of those targeted have been infected, time will tell how lucrative this is for our elf.

Today, one of our victim’s is going to be Mr Philpot. About to go on holiday, he is keen to get into work and get everything wrapped up before he goes. Let’s see how he gets on.


Unfortunately, Mr Philpot has not been lucky and has been convinced to do something that has caused a serious issue. Sadly the ransomware spread quickly across the office network so it wasn’t long before many more people in the company had their data encrypted. His last day at work was not going to go as planned.

Here are some simple things you can do:



Do not pay the ransom

Not only does this encourage ransomware, you may not get your data back


Back up your data

The easiest way to recover all of your data


Keep your OS and patching up to date

Ransomware frequently exploits known issues in your operating system


Use antivirus/anti-malware

Use a repuatable security suite to keep you safe 


If in doubt, check

If you are not sure about an email then simply do not open and validate

These are very simple steps to help keep you safe from R3d M157.