£9.95 / month

Subscription is per computer.

CyberAssure is a comprehensive suite of software that optimises your computer performance and security together with regular reporting.

Think of CyberAssure as having a dedicated IT department on your computer or use it to empower your existing IT department. CyberAssure will keep your computers up-to-date by ensuring that you have the latest operating system patches installed such as;

  • Critical and security updates
  • Windows Defender definition updates
  • Feature and Service packs
  • Update rollups

Alongside this, CyberAssure will also keep on top of day-to-day maintenance such as tidying up disk space and running standard OS routine tidy-up tasks so that you don’t have to. This not only helps to reduce downtime but can also help speed your computer up.

Reporting will also keep you informed of anything you need to be made aware of as well as showing improvements as they are made. You’ll also obtain your CyberScore to help

CyberAssure also has components from:

  • CyberView

Supported platforms