All-inclusive website protection for £24.99 per month

YouCloudIT provides an all-inclusive Web Application Firewall for customers concerned about website security.

Protect yourself against exploits and attacks, known and unknown.

All websites need protection

Even the smallest websites are targets for cyber attacks. Hackers may attempt to exhaust your website’s resources, making it inaccessible. With WebSafe, you are never sacrificing on quality. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) is powered by a logical analysis engine that detects known, unknown and modified attacks with a high accuracy rate.

Does yours..?

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Web Application Firewall

WebSafe blocks all kinds of web attacks accurately and quickly with industry-leading logic-based analysis detection technology, powered by Penta Security Systems.


Cyber attacks aimed at small businesses

DDoS Protection

WebSafe mitigates and blocks DDoS attacks which attempt to exhaust resources and make websites inaccessible.

Product Features

Machine learning

AI is used to help protect against unknown attacks


SSL Certificate

Use our free SSL certificate or bring your own


Monthly reporting straight into your mailbox

managed service

Our team takes care of the day-to-day management of policies

DDoS Protection

TCP Fragment attacksPing of DeathDNS NXDomain Floods
HTTP XMLRPC PingBack attacksTCP ACK FloodsSmurf
HTTP POST FloodsBrute ForceRUDY
HTTP GET FloodsHTTP HEAD FloodsAmplified DNS DDoS
TCP RST FloodsICMP FloodsHTTP SSL Saturation
TCP FIN FloodsTCP SYN SpoofedHTTP Cache Control
TCP SYN FloodsSlowlorisAs well as many other attacks

Online payment compliance

Data leaks for small businesses result in heavy financial losses. With sensitive information being exchanged online, it’s important that consumers’ personal and financial information is well protected.
As such, all websites with a credit card payment module are required to comply with PCI-DSS 6.6 standards. WebSafe can help website owners become PCI-DSS compliant.

Flat-Rate Pricing

A single plan that provides everything you need to protect yourself without extra cost to turn on features you need when you are under attack.

Monthly reports and simple setup

Security reports issued monthly to help gain insight into how your website is being protected. We believe that configuration shouldn’t be complicated. This is why we have made this as simple as possible and there are no complex configurations or settings – a DNS change is all you will need to make.

Filtering across the globe

WebSafe is located in locations around the world. These are strategically placed at the centre of the highest density Internet exchange points around the world. When you take WebSafe from us, we calculate distance from your website to our server and select a location that will work best with your website in terms of speed.

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Are You Protecting Your Website Intelligently?

With WebSafe, enterprise-level security is just a few clicks away